Missing cocaine from Police Headquarters belongs to Ex-cop


By Leroy Smith

Following a report which was carried by this news entity today as it relates to missing cocaine at the Police Headquarters, the Guyana Police Force subsequently admitted that it belongs to a former policeman, Travis Mendonca.

After repeatedly questioning Commissioner of Police (ag), David Ramnarine as to which specific matter the cocaine is associated with, he refused to provide that information to News Room. He said however that the matter is being investigated by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

But prior to speaking to Top Cop, News Room received reports that the missing illegal substance was either marijuana or cocaine and we asked Mr Ramnarine to confirm the substance but he refused.

Police Commissioner (ag), David Ramnarine

“I said a narcotic substance ok, these days police does give too many details, some details should be kept for an investigative purpose,” the acting Police Commissioner told News Room.

After News Room published the story this morning, the force then clarified who the cocaine belonged to. Mendonca was sentenced to four years in jail for attempting to smuggle just over three pounds of cocaine in a suitcase and according to police sources, the very cocaine was tendered in court as evidence.

The News Room has been informed that although the ex-policeman was sent to jail for the possession of the cocaine, the investigation was not closed. The police were looking for another person who sources identified as a “mule.”

The same cocaine was scheduled to again be tendered to the court in an effort to make the police case against that individual. It is unclear how successful the police will be at prosecuting the person, if he or she is found, given that the cocaine would need to be presented to the court as part of the evidence to support the police claims.

This is not the first time that the police have caused critical evidence or exhibits to go missing without a trace while under the watch of police ranks.

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