Relatives of alleged ‘cop killer’ shocked at barbaric act


Relatives of Clayton Anthony, the man who allegedly hacked a Berbice Policewoman to death, are shocked at the barbaric act, as the man was always known to them as being “really nice.”

Anthony lived alone at No.30 Village but is said to have shared a relationship with the Policewoman, Kenesha Sheriff Fraser, who was attached to the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam. She was found with her throat slit and several chops about her body at her Number 30 Village, West Coast Berbice home on Thursday morning.   

Dead: Kenesha Sheriff Fraser

Relatives said that Anthony was previously married and had two children. They said Anthony and the Policewoman’s son had an argument on Wednesday. According to the relatives, Anthony was known to have worked in the interior gold mines and would also do odd jobs when he was out, including putting paddy to dry on the road.

According to the relatives, Anthony was always, “nice and jovial” and was “someone who could make you laugh when you are sad.”


After killing Fraser, Anthony committed suicide.  

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