Corentyne man reportedly beaten to death, suspect arrested


By Royan Abrams

The police in Berbice have arrested a man in connection with the death of a fisherman, whose body was found in front of a grocery store at Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne on Wednesday, January 03, 2018.

The dead man has been identified as 40-year-old Sahadeo Sankar of Crabwood Creek Corentyne.  It is believed that he was beaten to death and a suspect has since been taken into police custody. News Room understands that footage from a surveillance camera in the area revealed that Sankar ran across the road while being pursued by the suspect, who hit him several times to the upper body. Moments later, ‘Sankar’ fell to the ground and the suspect escaped.

The grocery store where the body was found

The surveillance camera also revealed that after the victim became motionless, the suspect returned and kicked him several times.

Meanwhile, the owner of the shop, Manoj Deosankar, told News Room that at about 06:00hrs, his wife was on the verandah when she saw the body in front the store.

The couple, however, thought that it was someone who was drunk and sleeping it off.

“My wife come inside and tell me but we ain’t tek it for anything but around 7’0 clock time a set of people gather in front of their home and it was then that I realized the man was dead,” Deosankar recalled.

The News Room was told that the police were summoned to the scene, the body was removed and taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital where the man was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigations are ongoing.

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