‘Organise yourselves or be left behind’- BCB president to clubs


Newly elected President of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB), Hilbert Foster, has warned cricket clubs in Berbice to organise themselves or face the possibility of being left behind in the new era of cricket in the Ancient County.

Foster was at the time speaking at a well attended Stakeholder Conference held on Sunday last at the Albion Sports Complex.

Dozens of players, cricket officials, umpires and representatives of over 35 Berbice cricket clubs attended the historic Conference, which was organised by the BCB President in a widespread Consultation Programme to listen to ideas and suggestions.

In a comprehensive report on the current state of Berbice Cricket, Foster unveiled to the appreciative stakeholders plans for cricket tournaments, coaching programmes and off the field developmental projects that would make the Ancient County the pride of the Caribbean.

The BCB President called on clubs to get themselves organised with a proper management structure, to attract younger players and to be involved in fundraising events to obtain finance that would allow them to participate in the busiest cricket season in Berbice history.

Foster received support from delegates for all division and clubs to have a management team in place and to register a minimum of 20 players for a cricket season. Only one non-Berbician per team would be allowed to play in a tournament, while no over 40 players would play at the First Division level.

Vice-president Albert Smith addressing the gathering in the presence of other BCB executives

Teams would also be required to be properly attired for all matches, while the transfer system for players moving from one club to another would be strengthened to avoid any abuse.

First Division clubs apart from the Police Cricket Club would also have a proper nursery structure that includes Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 teams. Teams that do not have a proper nursery structure or are unable to be properly attired would be left out of the First Division leagues.

Foster also challenged Second Division teams to put their houses in order by electing a management team and making sure that the entire team is properly attired in white. Delegates also supported the suggestion that a $3 000 bon should be ledged by teams to the BCB that would be refunded to the club as long as they complete their full fixtures in the tournament.

Clubs were informed by the BCB President to select a potential coach to participate in a Pre-Level Coaching Programme that would be organised by the Board as the objective is to have a cricket coach for every club in Berbice.

Foster also unveiled plans to use senior Berbice players to visit schools, community centers and cricket clubs across Berbice as role models to inspire the next generation of players. Foster cautioned the Berbice stakeholders to be aware of persons who have their own personal agenda and urged the clubs to work together with the common goal of lifting Berbice Cricket to its highest level.

He also committed himself to running an administration free of corruption and malice and stated that under his leadership, Berbice Cricket shall not be a puppet to anyone, but rather serve in the interest of all Berbicians.

Other Executives present at the two and half hours Stakeholders Conference were Vice-President Albert Smith, Secretary Robby Saywack, Treasurer Dr. Cecil Beharry, Assistant Secretary Ameer Rahaman, Public Relations Officer Colin Bynoe Jnr, and Executive Committee Members Angela Haniff and Desmond Conway.

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