Woman pinned in car by steel rail after driver swerves from pothole


An early morning accident on the Eversham Public Road, East Berbice/Corentyne has left a woman nursing severe injuries to her leg.

News Room understands that a steel pipe from the rail of the bridge pierced into the car and was lodged in Shontel Haynes’ right leg for almost an hour.

The rail in which the car crashed into

The accident occurred sometime after 6:30hrs when the driver of the black Fielder Wagon allegedly swerved from a pothole at the Eversham Bridge/Koker and crashed into the rail.

The brunt of the impact was sustained on the left of the car and Haynes was seated in the front passenger seat.

The pothole which the driver allegedly swerved from

Reports are Haynes and her husband were returning from Georgetown and were only two houses away from their home when tragedy struck.

Haynes remained with the steep pipe lodged in her leg for quite a while until one of her relatives – 21-year-old Derwin Grant – and another lad decided to use a hacksaw and cut the pipe from the rails.

The steel pipe which was lodged in the woman’s leg.

The pipe was removed from the woman’s leg and she was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Meanwhile, residents of the area are calling on the relevant authorities to fix the pothole as it has been responsible for several accidents this week.

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