East Bank man kills Venezuelan national who assaulted girlfriend


A 27-year-old Gold Miner of Monkey Mountain and also of Grove, East Bank Demerara is in police custody for the murder of Rafael Angel Gonsale Prieto, whose bloodied body was found outside a restaurant and bar at Black Water, Cuyuni River on Saturday.

News Room understands that the suspect observed when Prieto arrived at the bar and saw his girlfriend dancing with another man. It is alleged that Prieto pushed the 32-year-old woman to the ground and sat on her chest, after which he used a knife to cut off her hair.

The suspect then intervened and stabbed the Venezuelan national to the chest, arm and abdomen. The man died at the scene and the suspect escaped.

However, he was later found in the back dam by the police and taken into custody.

The body of the deceased was escorted to Enteringbang Landing where it awaits a post-mortem examination.

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