‘Obeah’ in Berbice courtyard as 3 face murder charges


It was chaos at the Blairmont Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday when three men were brought to court to face the capital offence of murder.

Satrohan “Bluey” Madray and Antonio Balrup are accused of murdering Saeed “Saho” Hamid – the 56-year-old businessman, whose charred remains were found buried behind a temple in Rosignol Village, West Coast Berbice on June 20.

The dead man’s son, Asif Hamid, who is on remand for another murder, also appeared at the court Tuesday, to face the charge of Accessory to Murder, before Magistrate Rondell Weaver.

But before the court proceedings commenced, an individual was observed performing a “ritual” inside the courtyard which some persons said are ‘obeah’ like rituals.

Antonio Balrup

The individual is said to be related to Madray, who owns the temple where the man’s burnt remains were buried.

The “obeah like” ritual caused the authorities to lock the gate after the individual sprinkled a liquid in the yard.

When the case was subsequently called, the Magistrate found were several discrepancies with the case jacket and the Officer to swear in the evidence was absent and the matter was stood down.

However, when the case was subsequently re-called later in the day, the Magistrate observed that the matter was filed for the New Amsterdam Court. She instructed it be filed properly.

Asif Hamid

As the file was corrected and returned, the Magistrate disclosed she had no jurisdiction to read the charge.

After seeking further advice, the Prosecution returned with Madray and Balrup.

At this point, the Magistrate enquired about the third accused since all three names appeared on the jacket.

The Magistrate explained that the duo is accused of murdering Hamid at ‘D’Edward Village while Asif Hamid is charged with accessory to the crime at the New Amsterdam Penitentiary which is in another jurisdiction.

As such, the Prosecutor withdrew the charges against the men.

The matter is expected to call again Wednesday at the Fort Wellington Magistrate’s Court it is hoped that the Police Prosecutor will file the correct charges.

Saeed ‘Saho’ Hamid

The charred remains of 56-year-old Saeed Hamid of 41 Queenstown Village, Corriverton, Berbice was found on June 20, 2018, buried behind a temple at D’ Edward Village, West Coast Berbice.

News Room understands the older Hamid was killed in a bid to prevent him from testifying against his son in the High Court trial.

On April 19, 2018, the businessman of Lot 41 Queenstown Corriverton, left for a business trip to Rosignol but was not heard from since and a missing person report was filed.

The two prime suspects admitted to bludgeoning the man to death and burning t body to get rid of the evidence.

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