Hotel owner shoots neighbour to death


The owner of the Tourist Villa Hotel of Fifth Avenue Subryanville, Kitty has been arrested in connection with a shooting incident and the death of a man which occurred at his premises Saturday morning.

Jason De Florimonte, 30, who lived next door to the popular guesthouse, was shot four times allegedly by the 45-year-old man who owns the business.

News Room understands that De Florimonte and his 24-year-old girlfriend were having an argument at his house around 01:45hrs.

As a result, a handyman attached to Tourist Villa witnessed the commotion and approached in an attempt to make peace.

The Tourist Villa Hotel and Bar. [Zaheer Abass photo]

De Florimonte allegedly chased the handyman away. The handyman ran into the hotel and De Florimonte gave chase.

News Room understands that while De Florimonte was in the hotel, the owner shot him four times to his chest.
The businessman is a licensed firearm holder. He was taken into police custody.

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