Minibus drivers, conductors need customer service training – Union


Minibus drivers and conductors need to be trained to treat passengers better, Head of the United Minibus Union Eon Andrews says.

The Ministry of Business is working in collaboration with the Union to develop a Code of Conduct for all minibus operators.

The Ministry, in a letter to the Union, acknowledged the request for such a document and agreed that the two parties will continue discussions on the matter.

Andrews told News Room that it is time that minibus drivers and conductors understand what it means to deliver a service and treat customers with due respect.

He hopes that the operators can undergo customer service training which can improve the way they speak to passengers.

Head of the United Minibus Union, Eon Andrews

He also hopes that the Code of Conduct will lead to a reduction in cases of speeding, overcrowding and the blasting of loud music.

The Code should also govern how drivers and conductors dress, Andrews suggested.

Meanwhile, the Ministry has agreed to grant minibus operators permission to increase their fees by $20.

Andrews says the increase is less than what minibus operators expected but they are nonetheless grateful.

He noted however that the $20 across the board increase would, however, create some confusion since some drivers have already been charging more than the standard fare.

The new fare structure will take effect September 1, 2018.

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