Baksh resigns as Blairmont president, BCB executive member


Cricket administrator Shabeer Baksh has resigned from his dual post as president of the Blairmont Centre Cricket Club (BCCC) and appointed executive member of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB).

“I’m resigning with deep regret, but my decision is based on personal reasons. I have tried to do my best and have tried to be fair and impartial in deciding matters in the functioning of the club and in the matters related to BCB. However, for personal reasons it is not possible for me to continue in those positions with immediate effect,” Baksh said in his resignation letter to the BCB, dated September 2, 2018.

Baksh thanked both bodies for their “cooperation and support for the last eight years.”

“I have informed the administrator (Ameer Rahim) of my intention (to resign from BCCC). BCCC monthly executive meeting is on the second Thursday of every month, they will make communication,” Baksh added.

Baksh served eight years, three months as president of the BCCC. Earlier this year, he was appointed an executive member of the BCB after Hilbert Foster took over as president.

An appointed executive member is one of six persons handpicked by the eight elected members to assist with the work and function of the BCB.

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