Linden businessman shoots disorderly customer


A businessman of Silvertown Wismar, Linden was Monday detained after he discharged his legally owned firearm at a disorderly customer.

The customer reportedly returned to the bar and continued to behave disorderly even after he was treated for his gunshot wound at the Linden Hospital Complex, Region Ten.

George Daniels, 33, of Section ‘O’ Industrial Area, Mackenzie, Linden was at the Tropical Refreshment Bar imbibing when he started to throw down chairs in the establishment, the police noted.

Shortly after, the bar owner arrived at the scene and during a confrontation with the customer, he pulled out his firearm and discharged several rounds in the direction of the victim.

One of the bullets caught the man on his right palm, police said. The victim treated at the hospital and admitted for observation.

Police said he was highly intoxicated.

Daniels discharged himself and returned to the bar where he started to behave disorderly again.

He was taken into police custody while the businessman was forced to lodge his gun.



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