Pure Racing, GT Motorsports launch KFC Mega GP today


Excitement is buzzing in the go-kart racing fraternity as Pure Racing has linked up with GT Motorsports and Beharry Restaurant Holdings to stage the first-ever KFC Mega Grand Prix.

The meet has been approved by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club, and the official launch of the highly anticipated event is scheduled for Friday (November 2) at 17:00h at GT Motorsports, Albert Street and Thomas Lands.

“Go-karting is making a serious return to the racing arena in Guyana. It is also a well-known fact many of the top racers, both locally and international, first “cut their teeth” on the go-kart circuit,” the organisers set in a statement.

“Pure Racing is a family-oriented group with a common interest in motor sports. The group is made up of old stalwarts of racing and our upcoming youth who have similar interests. The group’s goal is to work with and help develop the skills and talents of these youths that have the interest in riding and driving. At the same time, the Pure Racing group teaches and enforces safety of both self and machine, both off and in a competitive environment.”

The organisers further stated that the sponsorship by Beharry Restaurant Holdings of the KFC Mega Grand Prix allows for the continued development of the country’s young go-kart drivers.

GT Motorsports will be planning and preparing the track for this event, ensuring a highly competitive and entertaining event.

The official dates, as well as other details, will be announced at Friday’s launch.

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