No need for gun-toting security in front businesses – Police Force


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is concerned about private security personnel publicly displaying their firearms in front of businesses.

Deputy Commissioner of Administration, Paul Williams on Monday said such posture adopted by the ranks is unnecessary.

“I don’t think, at no time, at no stage that is the real situation in Guyana that we need persons to be standing blatantly or boldly in front the doors with heavy arms like that,” Mr Williams said during an interview at the sidelines of the Force’s Christmas policing plan.

There are several businesses which are known to have their security personnel standing outside with their firearms fully displayed and in some cases, appear intimidating.

Williams, who is also the acting Police Commissioner added that “if those persons happen to be out there so blatantly or standing in front of the doors with heavy arms and so on, we’re sending a bad signal internally and externally.”

“Persons should be much more clandestine and much more secure,” he said.

In some cases, the Deputy Commissioner noted that the ranks are also not dressed in their uniforms.

“I have discovered, persons are out there performing duty and they are not wearing their uniform or if they wear their uniform, they wear it partially,” he said, adding that, “We cannot allow that type of indiscipline to go.”

As such, he has initiated an audit of the private security firms to ascertain that their uniforms are being used and also their weapons are in keeping with what was approved.

While he noted that the work of the security firms complements that of the Guyana Police Force, Williams said there are certain procedures to be followed.

“Private security, we consider them as an auxiliary to the GPF…They must be of high standard and professional,” he pointed out.

The Guyana Association of Private Security Organisations (GAPSO) was invited to Monday’s launch, however, no one showed up to represent the Body.

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