New online payment system launched


A new online payment platform has been launched that would make it easier for those who wish to make payments online but don’t have a credit card.

The system is called WiPay and was launched Thursday morning at the Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown.

WiPay is a complete payments platform empowering individuals and businesses to make and accept payments online from anyone, anywhere, at any time using credit card, bank account and even cash vouchers.

WiPay is an online payment solution platform that seeks to aid both consumers and business while effectively easing the challenges and risks associated with credit card use and cash acceptance.

Aldwyn Wayne, the Global C.E.O of WiPay

“I saw the need for a solution to the low credit card penetration and the high cash usage in most markets globally,” said Aldwyn Wayne, the Global C.E.O of WiPay.

There are four ways to accept and make cash payments using WiPay. There is a website plugin, invoice system, a WiPay account system and a top-up voucher system that is not much different from the way telephone credit system works.

This is facilitated by a free application that businesses download and plugin to their systems.

WiPay Account Online Payment Band system being demonstrated

Customers can input funds online via their credit or debit cards, but if they don’t have these they can also input cash to their WiPay account by visiting any Bill Express location.

They would be given a card or paper with a code to be entered via there WiPay account on any mobile device; or, they could simply give the code to the cashier at any WiPay supported business.

It will allow for the transfer of cash online from one individual to another regardless of location by just sending a voucher code the way one sends a GTT card code to their loved one or friend.

According to Wayne, WiPay seeks to bypass the red tape associated with bank visits and credit card usage by partnering with international payment agencies like Visa and along with all local small, medium and large business to build an efficient and safe payment system in Guyana.

In a move to do just this, WiPay has already partnered with a few major local business enterprises such as Caribbean Airlines who will now be able to facilitate payment by its customers for flights booked.

Massy Group of Companies and Grace Kennedy Group are also onboard.

“We seek to remove local barriers to entry where e-commerce is concerned,” Wayne told the media during the official launch of the local WiPay platform.

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