Guard found dead after argument over ‘Not a Girl’


The Police have launched a search for the Brother-in-law of a Security Guard whose body was found early Tuesday morning on the side of the road in Stanleytown, New Amsterdam.

EnKomo LaRose, 29, known as “Komo” of Lot 54 Stanleytown, was found lying face down with stab wounds to his stomach by a passerby at approximately 06:30hrs.

LaRose, who was attached to Sentinel Security, was last seen on Monday evening in the company of his Brother-in-law who was identified as Jermaine Bailey called “Tallboy.”

The News Room was told the duo was imbibing when an argument erupted over Bailey’s girlfriend, who was identified as “Not A Girl.”

LaRose’s reputed wife Asha Bailey, explained that after the argument continued, she emptied the bottle of alcohol.

According to the grieving woman, ‘Not A Girl’ had complained to LaRose about Bailey.

“Not A Girl reach Komo and tell he a set of things about my brother [Bailey] and Komo just tell he ease the girl and they quarreling.

“When I see how they getting on, I just called the Police cause they start threatening each other and both of them pick up cutlass and knife,” the wife said.

She noted that the Police issued a warning to both her husband and brother and subsequently left.

She too left and spent the night at her Grandmother’s home a short distance away.

However, at approximately 2am Tuesday, Bailey visited the Grandmother’s house armed with two knives but the elderly woman chased him out of the yard after he threatened to kill his sister.

News Room was told the victim was on his way to see his wife when he was stabbed and left to die in the wee hours of Tuesday.

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