Guyana concerned about Russia/Venezuela developments


The Guyana Government says it is “inevitably very concerned” about reports of Russia moving to deploy strategic aircraft at a Venezuelan airbase in the Caribbean Sea.

“When I read the reports of (military) bases and the other developments taking place (in Venezuela), we are inevitably very concerned and I would like to say to you that we will be responding within that context,” Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge told reporters at a press conference on Thursday last.

He added, “in other words…this is not a place where we would welcome these types of struggles that threaten the quality and the lives of the occupants of the region.”

Two Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers landed at the Simón Bolívar International Airport on December 10, 2018, and were greeted by the honour guard of the Venezuelan Air Force.

The bombers were expected to take part in “combined operational flights” with the Venezuelan Air Force.

Subsequently, it was disclosed that Russia wants to deploy strategic aircraft at a Venezuelan airbase in the Caribbean Sea south-east of the United States.

Minister Greenidge noted that the Latin American and Caribbean countries will not condone anything that will affect the peace of the region.

“Current leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean zone want it to be a zone of peace and that’s the observation I’d like to make. We’ve gone through a lot of trials in the past, we are here …are product of the struggles between the international powers and it is not something that we want to relive,” the Foreign Minister pointed out.

Mr Greenidge said most of the countries in the region are signatories to international treaties which bars them from getting involved in conflicts.

In a Facebook post last week, Former Guyanese Government Minister, Robert Persaud noted that the APNU+AFC administration should be concerned about the developments between the Spanish-speaking country and Russia.

He said the Guyana Government should “strongly protest” to the Russian Federation as it has implications for ongoing border case between the two countries which is before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

He noted that Guyana should also register its concerns to Venezuela as well as regional and multilateral fora.

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