Mon Repos Head Teacher prevents parents from entering school


Parents turned up at the Mon Repos Primary school on the East Coast of Demerara Tuesday morning to drop off their children only to be stopped at the gate and told that they are not allowed entry into the compound.

The Security Guard was following the instruction of the Headmistress and parents were forced to leave their children at the gate without any explanation.

The News Room observed one little girl standing just inside the gate confused and crying as her mother said: “my daughter is frightened to go in alone, look she crying.”

The decision taken by Head Teacher has left parents outraged as they gathered on the school bridge in the intense heat at lunchtime.

Parents told the News Room that they prefer to see their children all the way to the classroom following reports that older students at the school bully the younger children.

One parent said, “I does have to save some of them how serious it does get.”

One of the school vendors was also prevented from entering the compound.

Parents speculated that the decision could have stemmed from someone stealing the Head Teacher’s laptop and handbag some two weeks ago after school hours.

The parents pleaded with the Ministry of Education to intervene.

“Something really got to happen here, something got to be done,” another parent said.

When the News Room attempted to enter the compound in an effort to secure a statement from the Head Teacher, we were told by the security guard that no media personnel are allowed on school grounds on the orders of the Headmistress.

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