Canal family traumatised after attempted robbery


A family of Canal No.2, Belle West, West Bank Demerara was saved by their dog Thursday afternoon when two boys attempted to rob them.

The teenagers were subsequently captured by the Police.

Deokie ‘Meena’ Ramchan and Roopnarine Umrhow have been living at Lot 343 Belle West with their son for about 10 years.

They operate a small grocery shop at their home.

They remain in a state of shock when just after midday Thursday two known young men from the community attempted to rob the family but their dog, however, managed to scare the boys off.

A surveillance camera from outside of the house captured when the teenagers jumped the family’s fence.

“I hear a funny sound from outside, so when I hear the sound I run and peep out and I see my neighbour coming to me and I pull in the grill,” Ms Ramchan told News Room.

Deokie ‘Meena’ Ramchan

The suspects fled the scene by jumping over the fence again but were later caught by the police about an hour after the incident.

Commander of ‘D’ Division, Edmond Cooper told News Room that one of the suspects actually lives next door to the victims.

He was identified as an 18-year-old, while the other suspect is a 14-year-old from Stanleytown.

News Room understands that the 14-year-old reportedly fought with the woman’s husband in the backyard before escaping.

“When I scream, my husband eye open and I see him [name of 14-year-old] fighting with my husband in the back, so I get a chance to run out and scream for the neighbour.”

The Police Commander said that the 14-year-old was released from police custody given the fact that he is a minor, while the 18-year-old remains in custody at the Wales Police Station

Ms Ramchan she is at a loss as to what to do next to feel safe.

She installed cameras, grills and even built a high fence.

She said that the two boys are known troublemakers in the community since dropping out of school.

This is reportedly not the first attempt to rob the family and according to the woman, she made reports to Wales Police Station countless times.

She praised the police for capturing the suspects this time around. (Isanella Patoir)

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