PPP MPs with dual citizenship to resign ‘by next week’ – Jagdeo


The three Parliamentarians of the opposition Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) will resign to the Speaker of the National Assembly “by next week,” Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said Wednesday.

The three Parliamentarians are Gail Teixeira, Odinga Lumumba and Adrian Anamayah.

Four Government Parliamentarians are also expected to resign their Parliamentary seats. These are Joseph Harmon, Dominic Gaskin, Carl Greenidge and Dr Rupert Roopnaraine. 

The decision of the Parliamentarians follows a High Court ruling, which was affirmed by the Court of Appeal, that persons with dual citizenship are not eligible to be elected to the National Assembly.

Both Teixeira and Lumumba have said they will renounce their foreign citizenship; this will pave the way for their election to office in the future.

However, Anamayah has explained that because of family obligations, he would not renounce his U.S. citizenship, Jagdeo stated.

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