Man gunned down in East La Penitence was wanted for murder of Cambio dealer


Forty-five-year-old Colin ‘Gun Youth’ Hooper who was gunned down Monday night in East La Penitence was wanted for questioning by Police for the recent murder and robbery of a 57-year-old money changer, Prince Phillip Alleyne, Police Headquarters revealed in a statement.

Alleyne was shot and killed in broad daylight on High Street on April 16.

Police revealed Alleyne was robbed by two men, each armed with a gun, on a motorcycle at about 10:35hrs.

News Room had reported that Alleyne of Grove Public Road, East Bank Demerara, had just parked his car in the vicinity of Ashmin’s store when he was attacked and shot in the head.

Police subsequently revealed that Alleyne was also relieved of his licensed firearm.

The Police are still investigating the execution-style killing of Hooper which occurred in the vicinity of his home at Lot 53 East La Penitence.

Hooper lived with his fiancé at this address for the past three years; his family said he was a contractor. Police said Hooper also had several armed robbery charges pending before the court.

Hooper’s body was found with several gunshot injuries to his head at around 20:30hrs. Investigators discovered six spent shells of a small calibre weapon close to the body.

Hooper’s body is presently at Lyken’s Funeral home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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