Death of Lance Corporal: Suspect still on duty; mom pleads for justice


Crime Chief Lyndon Alves says the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Special Lance Corporal Carlos Alleyne, 25, is ongoing, however, the main suspect in the case is still on duty.

“That matter is still under investigation, that file was some time sent for legal advice and there is some points that has to be cleared up,” the Crime Chief told reporters on Monday during a news conference at Eve Leary, Georgetown.

The Crime Chief said they are awaiting the file to be sent back to ‘A’ Division so as to proceed with the investigation.

“The Sergeant as a member of the force is still on the job until such advice is given on the way forward,” the Crime Chief said.

The victim’s mother, Jocelyn Ambrose told the News Room Tuesday she is not satisfied with the way the Police are handling the case.

Ambrose said the Police told her they would update her on the investigation, however it has been a month since her son died and so far she has not received any updates.

Jocelyn Ambrose

“Them ain’t give me no updates, none none…this is real bad,” the mother told the News Room.

Alleyne died on May 4 at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was reportedly involved in a fight with a Sergeant at the Special Constabulary Headquarters, Princes Street Georgetown.

According to a post mortem, he died from brain haemorrhage and blunt trauma to the head. The mother of seven said her son would usually help her out financially and she has been struggling since he died.

“Man this situation so bad [I don’t] even know what gon happen,” the mother stressed.

“The finance situation man, up and down, up and down and then I still have the children to go to school, it wrecking me…he was me breadwinner.”

The mother said she sells plantain chips in Mahdia, Region 8 and will not be returning until the investigation is complete.

Police Headquarters would only say that Alleyne was involved in an incident at the Special Constabulary Headquarters on Princess Street at about 09:30 hrs and died at the hospital the same day at approximately 15:00hrs.

However, according to the mother, she was told that the day her son died, there was a barbeque at the Station and a colleague’s brother was staying in the Barracks when Alleyne told him he cannot be there since he was not a police officer.

The mother further said that the colleague confronted her son about what was said to his brother and as a result, they argued and fought.

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