Sister dies after chopped by brother


Twenty-five-year-old Cynthia Cozier died Thursday hours after she, her 8-month old baby and her sister were brutally chopped by their brother on Wednesday afternoon at Mariaba, a community in the Waramuri Village in Moruca, Region One.

Cozier, a mother of three, was chopped to the head and other parts of the body; Police Headquarters in a statement Thursday said that she succumbed to her injuries at the Suddie Hospital at around 06:30hrs.

Cozier’s 8-month old son Kevin Suddeen and her sister Beverly France remain in a stable condition at the hospital.

The suspect has been identified as 28-year-old Randy Cozier; Police said he is reportedly mentally ill and remains in hiding. Police Headquarters reported that Cynthia and the suspect had an argument during which he took a cutlass and chopped her and Beverly.

Cynthia had the baby in her hand at the time; the baby was chopped to the head. The Police reported that Randy ran away after the incident, which occurred at approximately 13:00hrs where the siblings live together.

Cynthia’s body is at the Suddie Morgue awaiting a post mortem examination.

Editor’s note: The Police inadvertently said it was Beverly France who died but later confirmed that it was Cynthia Cozier who succumbed to her injuries. The News Room apologises for any inconvenience caused. 

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