Coalition ‘superior’ to all other political outfits in Guyana- Gov’t MP


Government Member of Parliament, Mervyn Williams on Friday told reporters that the governing coalition is superior to all other political organisations in Guyana.

“We are superior to any other political outfit,” Williams noted in an interview at Congress Place, Sophia.

Asked to defend this position, Williams said “we think differently, we behave differently, our political organisation which forms the Government of this country is superior in its thinking, in its outlook, in its agenda, in its developmental approach, in its treatment of people and its respect for laws, in its respect to the rule of law, its respect for the constitution, with respect for the equality of all Guyanese and in that regard we’re superior to any other political organisation in this country.”

He was at the time responding to reports that the Government and Opposition are competing for the attention of Indigenous leaders who are attending the 13th National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre this week.

The report was sparked by the circulation of invitations to the Toshaos for receptions at State House –the President’s official residence –and the Opposition Leader’s office on Monday evening.

Williams, who is also a Ministerial Advisor at the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs said “this Government is not in competition with the People’s Progressive Party (PPP). They’re not our equals politically.”

Williams explained that Indigenous peoples under the APNU+ AFC (A Partnership or National Unity + Alliance For Change) have the right to make their own choices.

Williams also addressed the media at the PNCR’s weekly press conference where he boasted of several developments in the hinterland which were undertaken by the coalition Government.

“The people of our hinterland are cognizant of the developments that are taking place in their communities under the coalition government, and have vivid memories of the PPP scant regard for them and will, therefore, re-elect President David Granger and the APNU+AFC government. The APNU+AFC government continues to serve all Guyanese,” he read from a prepared statement.

He alluded to the Hinterland Employment and Youth Services (HEYS), which has trained over 4000 young people, the 2,232 Stimulus Grants distributed, the paving and rehabilitation of roads, enabling access to potable water and the issuance of eight land titles.

The party said it is confident of the support of hinterland residents for President Granger and the APNU+AFC government at the next national elections slated for March 2, 2020.

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