Team Mohamed’s will be pretty quick, says Driver Terence Cox


Undeniably the ‘Kings’ of Drag Racing in Guyana, Team Mohamed’s are expected to face a stern challenge, but as usual, they plan on coming out on top, according to ace driver Terence Cox.

They are preparing for the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s final Drag Race meet of the year at the South Dakota Circuit on Sunday.

After testing Friday, Cox related to News Room Sport that indeed that gap is closing, but they also are raising their game.

The black GT-R is now pushing 1700HP, while the white, Godzilla, should be at its beastly fast speeds.

“With the new turbo kit on the black car, I believe this car has probably a 7.8 seconds pretty easily and then the white car we should get down to 7.60 seconds, maybe 7.50 seconds.”

Driver Terence Cox

Cox, who arrived in Guyana Thursday, said they are working to fix any possible issues, but all seems very well with the car and the ready to defend their turf.

“I just did a pass in the car and it went well; I am pretty excited. We have the small tyres on as we are trying to figure out what was wrong with the clutch from the last time. Everything seems successful so we will put the big tyres back and keep testing, I think we are back to good, and I’m really excited about this weekend.”

In August, their favoured beast, the Goliath, suffered some mechanical issues and was unable to compete at full power.

He added, “We are not messing around, the Supra looks really quick, especially with the new modifications he did even from the last race. We are really going to have a lot of work focused on our hands. I will really have to be focused on the three and make sure these cars are really lined out.”

The Supra he speaks of is owned by Deryck Jaisingh and tuned by S&D performance. That car has been running low eight seconds.

The action will speed off at 09:00h. General admission tickets cost $1,000 each, VIP $4,000 each; children under 10 would be admitted free.

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