Two killed in ambulance, car head-on collision in Linden


Two Linden residents died early Saturday morning following a head-on collision between an Ambulance and a car at Obama Drive, Amelia’s Ward Linden.

Dead are the driver of the car PRR 781, 18-year-old Triston Clarke and a midwife who was in the ambulance 37-year-old Eon Reddock – both of Central Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Police Headquarters revealed that the driver of ambulance PXX 4739, Ramesh Paul alleged that he was proceeding south along the eastern side of the road when he observed two cars speeding in the opposite direction.

Dead: Eon Reddock

The ambulance driver claimed that Clarke suddenly ended up in the eastern lane and collided with the ambulance. The incident occurred at around 03:40hrs.

Both Clarke and Reddock were pronounced dead on arrival at the Linden Hospital.


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