Two schools closed, residents bemoan losses due to flooding on Essequibo Coast


Classes at the Anna Regina Secondary School and the Reliance Nursery annex on the Essequibo Coast were on Thursday cancelled as a result of severe flooding.

According to Regional Education Officer Nicola Mathews no major damages were reported at the schools but the water has blocked access to the facilities.

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Mathews said it has not been decided whether the schools will remain closed on Friday which is the last day of this school term. She said the water level will be monitored and that decision will be based on whether the rain continues.

The flooding is caused by a prolonged period of rainfall and the non-functioning of some drainage pumps on the coast.

One resident said the situation was made worse since the pump at Devonshire Castle was not working. The resident who asked to remain anonymous said the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) is constructing a permanent pump station next to the temporary pump which is at Devonshire Castle. He noted that as a result of the construction, the portable pump was dismantled.

Pump at Devonshire Castle

Another resident of Reliance, Aniecia Maglothin, said the majority of the items in her home were damaged. The woman said she woke up to find water in her house and contacted the Regional Chairman who said efforts were being made to fix the pumps at Anna Regina and Three Friends.

“…after it was fixed, the pump didn’t had any fuel,” the woman said.

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Maglothin said her home has not been flooded in three years and the family had to time to put systems in place.

When the News Room contacted Regional Executive Officer, Denis Jaikaran, he said the all of the pumps and sluices are back in operation.

He noted that the pump at Devonshire Castle went down for two hours but it was fixed.

The Civil Defence Commission’s has also deployed its Rapid Damage Assessment Teams to support other agencies in the Pomeroon-Supenaam

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