Newly promoted senior Army ranks received new badges


The newly promoted Senior Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officers were on Monday decorated with their new badges of rank at a simple ceremony at the Officers Club, Base Camp Ayanganna.

Their spouses, family members and relatives were present for the activity.

Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Patrick West, decorated Colonel Raul Jerrick, the most senior officer in the lineup, with his new badge of rank and was ably assisted by the Colonel’s wife. The remaining officers were decorated by other Commanding Officers and Branch Heads of the Force.

2. Army Chief of staff Patrick West and the newly promoted officers.

Chief-of-Staff Brigadier Patrick West congratulated the officers and encouraged them to continue their good work.

Noting that the demands of the Force, Brigadier West thanked the officers’ spouses, and family members for their support, which he indicated was essential to the delivery of their duties to the nation.

Colonel Jerrick thanked the Commander-in-Chief, the Chief-of-Staff and all the members of the GDF on his own behalf and on behalf of the cohort of promoted officers present.

He noted that the achievement of this milestone could not be realised without the support of their families nor without that of the Force and its leadership.

He pledged that they (the recipients of the promotions) would continue to be professional, serving with integrity and a honed focus on the Force’s future development.

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