Families with relatives in insolation, quarantine can send supplies via CDC


Due to the risk of exposure to families and friends of persons in Institutional quarantine or isolation, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is offering to support these persons with delivery of items at no cost.

Note that persons at the centres will be provided with meals and essential items for daily living. Persons who wish to send items to their relatives in Institutional Quarantine or Isolation should utilize the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Headquarters located at Thomas Lands, Thomas Road, Georgetown.

1. All liquids must be tightly sealed.

  1. All items inclusive of personal items must be neatly packed in boxes and
    labeled with the name and contact number of the person sending and receiving
    the package.
  2. Perishable food items including cooked foods will not be accepted because of
    the risk of spoilage and contamination during transport.

1. All items are subject to inspection.
2. Alcohol, cigarettes, and cash will be refused while herbs or illicit drugs will be
3. Persons delivering packages must sign off the necessary documentation
4. prepared by the CDC.
5. All items should be at the CDC no later than 15:00hrs or 3:00pm
6. All persons entering into the CDC compound MUST comply with the
hygiene/sanitation rules. Persons failing to do so, will NOT be allowed into the

This a difficult time for all of us and we appeal to you for your fullest cooperation to stop the spread of the coronavirus. For more information, kindly contact our office at either of the following number: 600.7500, 226.1114 or 226.1117. You can also call ahead to inform us of your drop off.


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