No Church services, kite flying in public places – Nagamootoo reaffirms


In accordance with emergency measures implemented by the Government to tackle the spread of COVID-19, no one will be allowed to fly kites in public places and Churches cannot hold public sermons on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday.

“There would be no kite flying in any of the public parks from the #63 Beach to the Joe Vieira Park, National Park, other parks and open spaces to fly kites, it is prohibited,” Chairman of the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) Moses Nagamootoo affirmed on Saturday.

He added: “this is not a campaign against kite flying, this is a prohibition to ensure safety.”

The Government on April 3 gazetted several measures to clamp down on public and private gatherings in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

Some of the measures which will impact annual Easter celebrations include a prohibition of social activities including a private party, a recreational or competitive sporting event, a bar, the seawall, creek or river or any other recreational activities.

Nagamootoo said there have been a few isolated incidents where patrons refused to leave bars and drinking places and there were also isolated cases of minibus operators who have attempted to transport more persons than is permitted by the order.

For persons who are accustomed to attending church services on Easter morning, the Chairman said virtual sermons can be done.

Secretary to the NCTF, Imran Khan on Saturday afternoon said the task force has received reports that some pastors are planning to hold church services on Sunday; he called on them to be responsible.

According to the gazetted emergency measures, “Except for the conduct of funeral services and weddings, all churches and places of religious worship including mosques and temples shall be closed.”

Religious worship it said, can be by virtual or electronic means. If virtual or electronic worship is being carried on in the place of worship, the number of persons in that place shall not exceed five persons and the social distancing of six feet between persons shall apply.

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