Albion sugar workers say being forced to cram in trucks; protest suspension of colleague


Sugar workers of the Albion Estate in East Berbice Corentyne say they are still being forced to “cram” in the estate trucks which takes them to and from work on a daily basis putting them at risk of contracting the deadly new Coronavirus.

The sugar workers had down tools on April 2 over unsanitary conditions at the estate and as a result one of the workers was suspended by the management of the estate for speaking to the media.

In retaliation, some of the Albion workers protested Friday morning and noted that their colleague is being victimised by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).

“Today we stand in solidarity with one of our workers, he was elected by a field manager to stand on a bench, so we stand with him to work back tomorrow. The issue was the last protest. He speak the truth for us to have gears.  We are calling on the Field Manager to give him back his job because that is totally wrong,” said Rangasammy Latchmanen, a sugar worker.

Albion Estate sugar workers during their protest on April 24, 2020 [Photo: News Room]
The sugar workers also lamented the current economic slowdown due to the pandemic and the need for their colleague to support his family.

“The man has three kids and his wife to look after; they stop the man work. We workers are talking for our rights as it relates to the coronavirus, them hold he and want to suspend him, we want him to get back his work so we could go back to work.”

When contacted by the News Room, the Estate Manager, Threbhowan Shivpersaud said that disciplinary action was taken against the worker, but refused to give details as to why action was taken.

He, however, explained that the Albion Estate has a Code of Conduct which must be followed and he declined to comment further.

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