PPP rejects accusation it is frustrating recount process


See below press release by the People’s Progressive Party:

In yet another demonstration of selective amnesia, David Granger made a post today on his Facebook
page in which he accused the PPP of ‘trying to frustrate the recount process after losing the elections’.
The world knows who is trying to frustrate the recount.

Though Granger and his cabal of riggers would like us all to forget, the fact is that following his request
to CARICOM for a supervised recount it was the PPP that agreed as a means of finding a way forward.
On the other hand, it was Granger’s people – inclusive of two APNU+AFC candidates – who went to the
court to block the recount.

All of Guyana and possibly the world looked on in shock as fumigation of the venue and other infantile
maneuvers were employed by Granger’s people to stymie the CARICOM supervised recount.

As if this were not enough we were then subjected to the indecency of Lowenfield’s 156 days recount
proposal which was supported by Vincent Alexander – another of Granger’s people; and Moses Nagamootoo’s request to have the CARICOM recount supervisory team quarantined for 14 days. On the
other hand, the PPP made a proposal to have it done in 10 days.

The world also knows who is trying to remove all the safeguards which are meant to ensure that the
process is done transparently.

• They voted against having an independent auditor present to observe the count.
• They voted against live-streaming the count so that all Guyanese can see that it is done
• They want to limit the number of observers at each counting station.

Guyanese know who won the March 2nd 2020 elections. The PPP released its copies of the SOPs which
show that it has won. On the other hand, the APNU+AFC has refused to do the same. Why is this so?

What does it have to hide? If David Granger is certain that his party has won the elections then he
should release copies of the SOPs that are in his possession. Why did they vote to prevent the release of
the SOPs by GECOM when Granger himself had called on GECOM to do the same in 2011 and got his

If David Granger is genuine about wanting an expeditious and transparent recount he should agree to
the PPP’s proposal to have it done in ten days, in the presence of international observers, independent
auditors and he should agree to have it live-streamed so that Guyanese and the entire world can see.

People’s Progressive Party
April 25th, 2020

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