Four arrested in gruesome murder of elderly Corentyne woman


Four persons have been detained for questioning in relation to the gruesome murder of an 82-year-old woman at Tain, Corentyne Berbice.

This was confirmed by Commander of ‘B’ Division Calvin Brutus.

He noted while the investigation is still active, the four were detained based on information provided. They are said to be residents of the same community, with two being from the very street the woman lived on.

The woman has been identified as Chandarie Budhoo. She was known to neighbours as Aunt Dayo and lived at Lot 83 Tain Settlement.

Her body was discovered in her bedroom in the lower flat of her home with her hands and feet tied, and strangulation marks to her neck.

Liloutie Samaroo, the woman who checks and assists her daily, made the discovery at around 07:30 h.

She said Budhoo would usually open the gate early in the morning and would sit on a rocking chair downstairs.

The elderly woman lived alone at her Tain house [Photo; News Room]
But Samaroo said when she visited this morning, the chain to the gate was still on and she called out for the woman but got no reply.

She entered the yard and noticed the back door open and noticed some black bags in the kitchen.

Samaroo said she sensed something was amiss and called out for help.

“When the boys go in, they see she was tied up so they come out and say like she dead and on the ground; so we call the Police,” Samaroo related.

The News Room understands that the elderly woman was attacked, robbed and threatened twice before, but was afraid to make a report to the Police.

The most recent attack was in April when the perpetrators carted off cash and jewelry from her home. It is believed that she knew her attackers.

Meanwhile, a relative of Budhoo, Ashton Deonarine said the entire house was ransacked.

The door that leads to the upper flat was also broken to gain access.

As news spread of the woman’s demise, a number of residents came out expressing shock and outrage at her death. They called for swift justice.

“We would like to see justice served and whoever did this to her be punished, this is sad it could happen to anybody. It get plenty people in this community living alone and everyone fearful,” said Aunty Bassoo, a neighbour.

A longtime friend of Budhoo, Rena Outar, 80, said: “Everybody love she and never had problems with anyone. I does come sit with her and gaff almost every afternoon. This thing shake me up bad, all meh pressure gone up.

“Them does always go in pon she, now them kill she. She nah deserve death like this.

“Who do this nah get feelings fuh old people”.

Budhoo was described as a quiet individual who lived alone most of her life.

All of her close relatives reside overseas.

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