High waves expected this weekend – Hydromet Office


See below warning issued by the Hydromet Office:

Synopsis: 8 m/s to 12 m/s winds are currently being observed in the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to Guyana’s coast. These windy conditions are expected to continue through Monday 4 January, 2021.

Associated conditions: These high winds are generating north-easterly to easterly waves with heights in excess of 3.0 m in open waters and with periods between 9 s and 12 s. The highest waves, in excess of 3.5 m (9 ft – 11 ft), are expected beginning tonight through Sunday afternoon.

Possible effects of these condition: In addition to these high waves, astronomical tides currently above normal, in excess of 2.74 m, see table below. This combination of above normal high tides and very high waves may cause over-topping and/or damage to the river and sea defense system in some areas. High winds may also prove dangerous to some coastal structures and operations.

Tide table for the period 2 to 5 January, 2021.


 For more information, visit www.hydromet.gov.gy or call Duty Forecaster, National Weather Watch Center 261-3065/ 4489/ 2284/ 2216

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