EBD businessmen, security guard tied up & beaten by bandits


Police are on the hunt for three bandits who beat, tied up and robbed two businessmen and a security guard at Friendship, East Bank Demerara on Monday.

Police Headquarters reported that the armed robbery occurred just after the 52-year-old businessman opened his RI RI FU supermarket at around 07:20hrs.

The bandits, all armed with handguns and dressed in dark-coloured hoodies and face masks, carted off with $660,000 in cash; Digicel phone cards valued at $120,000; a blue A21s Samsung cell phone valued at $60,000; a blue Vivo cell phone valued at $40,000, and a gold Samsung S6 cell phone valued $46,000.

Police reported that the three bandits walked into the supermarket and immediately hit the 27-year-old male security guard in the back of the head causing him to fall.

The perpetrators then bounded the hands and feet of the security guard and the 52-year-old businessman with black plastic straps, placed them on the floor to lie down and relieved them of their valuables.

The businessman was also beaten to the head by the perpetrators. One of the bandits guarded the victims while the other two went upstairs and relieved the other businessman – 27-year-old – of his cellphone and ransacked a bedroom; they also tied him up.

They returned downstairs and removed two DVRs before escaping.

A female employee later arrived at work and observed the bounded men on the floor and untied them. Investigations are ongoing.


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