Leguan farmer dies after beaten by nephew


A 51-year-old farmer from Leguan on the Essequibo river, Aubrey Jonas called Badja, died on Wednesday afternoon after he was allegedly beaten by his 27-year-old nephew.

According to a police report, the farmer’s 23-year-old niece witnessed the suspect enter Jonas’ farm and picked some plantains. Subsequently, Jonas arrived from a backdam with a cutlass in hand and asked the nephew who gave him permission to pick the plantains.

Then, Jonas allegedly stated, “You touch the plantains and you gone see wa gon happen to you”. This statement, according to the police, prompted the two men to start arguing. It was, however, noted that they both left and went their separate ways.

Subsequently, the suspect reportedly armed himself with a knife and went to a koker and sat. When Jonas walked past him, heading into the village, it was reported that they started to argue again.

Police said that Jonas then lashed the suspect with a cutlass on his leg. This resulted in the suspect going into his mother’s yard and arming himself with a piece of wood which he used to lash the victim in his head multiple times. The suspect then made good his escape on foot.

Meanwhile, Jonas was picked up by his niece and others and rushed to the Leguan Cottage Hospital at around 14:55 hrs. His niece, according to the police, videoed what transpired between him and the suspect.

While being treated for his injuries, Jonas eventually succumbed about 16:00 hrs.

Later, at about 17:00 hrs, acting on information received, police officers went to an abandoned house in Phoenix, Leguan. There, the suspect was contacted, told of the allegations and arrested.

The body of Jonas is currently lying at the Leguan Cottage Hospital Mortuary awaiting an autopsy. Police investigations are underway.

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