‘Unusual flooding’ in Eteringbang; water slowly receding 


Regional Chairman of Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) Kenneth Williams has described recent flooding in the community of Eteringbang as quite unusual, especially since there has been no excess rainfall.

This community is situated near the Guyana/ Venezuela border and is home to at least 200 residents. On Thursday evening, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) said it had received reports that floodwaters have risen significantly there.

Based on preliminary reports, the CDC related that about 10 businesses and three households have been impacted.

According to the Commission, early assessments indicate that waters have risen to approximately three feet in some parts and continue to rise. But, the body warned that the region could endure more rainfall today and towards the end of the week.

Flooding in Eteringbang, Region Seven (Cuyuni- Mazaruni) (Photo: CDC/ July 29, 2021)

On Friday, however, while speaking to the News Room via telephone, the regional chairman said that there has been no excess rainfall. As such, he described the flooding as “unusual”.

“It’s due to some unknown occurrence,” he said.

Thereafter, he related that there have been many suggestions from the residents of the community that the El Dorado river in Brazil has been overtopping and that the water has flowed into Eteringbang.

This El Dorado river is connected to the Cuyuni river in Guyana. The community of Eteringbang is situated near both of these rivers.

On Friday, the Regional Chairman said that he was working alongside the CDC to provide support- whether shelter or supplies- to the affected residents. The regional authorities were trying to assess whether it was necessary for people to move on higher ground.

Though Williams said that the water was “slowly receding”, the residents and authorities were still bracing for additional flooding over the next few days.


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