Health Ministry staffers who forge vaccination cards will be immediately fired, charged – Dr. Ramsammy


As the local health authorities try to prevent forgery of the COVID-19 vaccination cards, Advisor to the Ministry of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy on Wednesday said any staffers of the ministry will be fired immediately and charged if they are found guilty.

On Wednesday, the Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony stated that the Ministry has already received reports of people paying bribes for vaccination cards though they have not taken a COVID-19 vaccine.

“If we find anyone forging the card, then they face the full force of the law,” the Minister said sternly.

Earlier on Wednesday, he stated that Section 240 of Guyana’s Criminal Offences Act stated that forgery is an offence. Moreover, he said that an individual can be prosecuted for forgery and the fine if you are found guilty of forgery will be up to three years imprisonment.

As such, he stated, “If you forge a vaccination card you will be liable to this punishment.”

The Minister also said that those found paying the bribe to get these forged cards will also be charged.

Later on Wednesday after, Dr. Ramsammy shared an advisory on his Facebook page detailing that it is illegal to forge vaccination records and to sell a vaccination card.

And, he subsequently commented, “… any Ministry of Health staff caught giving out cards illegally or illegally forging cards will not only be charged, he or she will be immediately fired.”

These vaccination cards- or blue books as they are commonly referred to as, have become increasingly necessary for employment purposes and to readily access services.

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  1. Matthew says

    Any person that would buy a Vaccination Card would likely buy a positive IQ test as well…..totally unearned.

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