Bandits posing as customers hijack taxi


A 42-year-old taxi driver is counting his losses after being relieved of his motorcar, cash, and valuables by four armed bandits, who posed as customers.

According to the police report, the robbery occurred on Tuesday at around 22:30hrs at Plum Park, Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Police said the suspects escaped with the taxi driver’s dark green Toyota Delta motorcar, PWW 6623, US$200 and G$36,000 cash, along with a Plum cellphone valued G$20,000.

The taxi driver reportedly picked up two of the suspects from the Stabroek Market area, and they requested to be taken to Plum Park.

Upon arrival there, the two other suspects who were said to be armed with handguns emerged on both sides of his vehicle.

While the two other suspects exited, the armed suspects held the taxi driver at gunpoint and ordered him out of the car which they then proceeded to search for cash and valuables.

The four suspects then entered the car and told the victim to run; two rounds were discharged in the air before the suspects escaped in the vehicle.

Investigations are ongoing.

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