GBA to join AIBA International Boxing Day celebrations


Initiated in 2017 by now President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), Umar Kremlev, in his role as Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, August 27 will be celebrated as World Boxing Day.

For the first time, the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) will join AIBA in celebrating the day, which is set to showcase all facets of the sport in innovative ways.

Local officials, celebrities and champions will conduct a variety of training sessions and exhibition bouts to mark the occasion.

In the spirit of unity in boxing, community betterment efforts are also being put in place as part of the events on August 27. Some Federations are looking to work with the local youth and charity organisations.

The main programme will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, the soon-to-be host to AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships. The schedule on August 27 includes outdoor training at the main city square with Roy Jones Jr. boxing masterclasses, show bouts and much more.

“We see it as an event that shows that boxing is unified throughout the world. We have organised several activities. Our organising committee is spearheaded by two of our AIBA Three Star coaches – Terrence Poole MS and Sebert Blake. And on Friday August 27, Guyana will join hands with most of the 203 countries affiliated to AIBA, to showcase what we have and to be part of the International Boxing Day,” said president of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle.

The GBA’s activities, though curtailed by COVID-19 restrictions, will be held at the Andrew ‘Six Heads’ Lewis gym in Albouystown.

AIBA President Umar Kremlev will also host several media events, to continue the conversation about the organisation’s progress and its plans for further social development of boxing.

Kremlev, the AIBA president since December 2020, said: “International Boxing Day is an opportunity for us to be together as we celebrate this mesmerising sport. Boxing is beautiful, diverse, and unifying. It is discipline, purpose, grit, spectacle, community, and a family. Each year, on this day, I hope we come together to share our love and passion for this universal sport!”

Ninvalle lauded the Russian boxing administrator, for his rejuvenation of boxing globally, adding that “since his election to the Presidency of AIBA, Mr. Kremlev has made several inroads that supports the development of Boxing across the world, so we have to applaud him from the executives of the GBA and the Americas Boxing Confederation (AMBC).”

AIBA plans to continue celebrating International Boxing Day annually and hopes that the events on the August 27 will convince more boxing fans, new and old, athletes, officials, and everyone else in the community to recognize this day as a fun, inspiring and necessary milestone in the sports calendar.

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