Father was chopped 24 times by son – PME finds


Archaelus Anthony Miguel, 59, a labourer was brutally chopped about his body and face 24 times, allegedly by his son, Rocky on Monday last.  A post mortem examination done on Thursday by government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh revealed that Miguel died as a result of multiple incise wounds.

The son, who reportedly suffers from a mental illness, allegedly chopped his father to death on September 6, at Great Troolie Island in Region Three, (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara).

The young man’s mother, Danani Miguel had told the News Room that she noticed changes in her son’s behaviour about 11 years ago.

The father and his son, Rocky left their Onderneeming Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast home on August 29 to work on a farm on Great Troolie Island.

Danani explained that her son and husband had their differences over the years but she never thought something like this would happen.  Police Headquarters reported that when questioned about his father, the young man admitted to chopping him because his father was troubling him. But the mother believes it was because his father was teaching him about the work.

The tragic incident occurred at about 14:30hrs at a backdam on the island. The son was initially arrested by citizens in the area and was later handed over to police. The father and son had left for work in the backdam, but only the son returned claiming of feeling unwell.

Residents became suspicious and questioned the young man about his father; the son initially claimed that he left him in the backdam, however, checks for the father led to the discovery of his pants and a cell phone.

Due to the geographical location of the island, police ranks had to travel miles to get there. When the police arrived at the scene, the suspect took them three miles into the backdam and showed them the spot where he chopped his father and later dragged the body and hid it under some branches.

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