‘We have a legacy of paper’ – Benn says as police records destroyed  

- Assures that efforts will be made to 'reconstruct' records if necessary


Though officers have attempted to retrieve some of the police records kept at the Brickdam Police Station, which is currently on fire, Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn has acknowledged that the losses could be “tremendous” since local authorities have a “legacy of paper”.

While at the scene as firefighters continue their efforts to battle the massive blaze, Benn was asked about the impact the loss of police records could have on police investigations and court proceedings.

Most police vehicles were damaged (Photo: News Room/October 2, 2021)

In response, he said that this is an important issue that would have to be examined, particularly since all issues in Region 4A are dealt with at the Brickdam Police station.

He could not state whether there are ancillary records stored elsewhere but he said that the necessary actions will be taken.

“Efforts will be made to get records, even if we have to reconstruct,” he told reporters.

Meanwhile, when asked about the destruction of vehicles that were in the compound- especially the government vehicles- he said that the government will deal with that matter.

“This is a serious and critical setback for the city, the country, and for the Guyana Police Service,” Benn remarked.

(Photo: News Room/October 2, 2021)
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