Gold miner stabbed to death during argument


Police have arrested a 25-year-old man in connection with the murder of 38-year-old Eon Anthony Ramnarine – a gold miner of Third Avenue, Bartica.

Police Headquarters reported that Ramnarine was stabbed to death at around 11:00hrs on Monday at Obanna Backdam/Kurubrong Potaro.

According to the police, the suspect and Ramnarine knew each other as their camps are set up side by side; it is alleged that the suspect is in the habit of cursing and talking to himself and Ramnarine would usually “throw hints at him and call him a madman and auntiman among other names,” the police reported detailed.

On the day in question, the suspect was passing next to Ramnarine’s camp when the two got into an argument. It is alleged that Ramnarine picked up a piece of wood and struck the suspect to his head and left foot which then led to a physical altercation.

The suspect, who was armed with the knife, then stabbed Ramnarine several times about the body; the suspect then went to his father and told him what happened.

According to the police, “one Rajesh Persaud who was passing in the area and saw the deceased’s body, called the police and reported the matter.”

At the scene, the suspect was arrested and he handed over the knife to the police.

“He was told of the allegation, cautioned and he admitted to stabbing the deceased during a fight. The body was examined and eleven suspected stab wounds were seen to the left hand, chest/abdomen and back. A piece of wood was found next to the body,” the police report noted.

The body of Ramnarine and the suspect were both escorted to Mahdia Hospital.


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