Bandits cart with three safes, cannister with cash from DHL


Police are investigating an alleged robbery that took place at about 03:23hrs on Friday at the DHL building in Alberttown, Georgetown.

DHL is a cargo and freight company. Police said two safes and three cannisters containing an undisclosed amount of cash were taken during the robbery.

According to a police report, two unarmed security were on duty at the building; one of them claimed he was duct-taped and the other said he did not hear or see anything since it was raining.

The security guard who was duct-taped told police he was confronted by one of the suspects at the front of the compound and said to him “don’t say anything” and made him lie on his stomach and duct tape him.

Police said four other bandits then entered the compound through the back fence and escaped with the items.
Investigations are ongoing.

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