Cops seize boats with $20M worth of ganja in Berbice River


Law Enforcement Officers in the wee hours seized two wooden boats and approximately 672 lbs of cannabis sativa worth $20 million while conducting an operation in the Berbice River.

According to the police report, the ranks were led by an Assistant Superintendent; they found a wooden white and green boat with a 75hp Yamaha engine on the river bank in the vicinity of Plegtanker Village, East Bank Berbice.

The ranks found five black bulky plastic bags containing a quantity of seeds, leaves and stems, suspected to be cannabis.

Police said the area was searched but no one was seen.

The cannabis seized by the police (GPF/ October 23, 2021)
The cannabis seized by the police (GPF/ October 23, 2021)

But while escorting the said boat and narcotics to the Central Police Station just after midnight Friday, police said they found another wooden boat powered by a 115hp Yamaha engine in the Berbice River in the vicinity of Light Town, East Bank Berbice with four occupants.

“Upon seeing the police, the boat’s operator drove it on to the river bank causing the boat to slide into a clump of nearby bushes and the four occupants ran further into the nearby bushes and made good their escape,” the police report stated.

Ranks who later boarded the boat reportedly found 30 bulky parcels wrapped in transparent plastic containing a quantity of suspected cannabis.

Police said that the area was subsequently combed but the suspects were not seen.

“The boats along with the narcotics were taken to the Central Police Station, where the narcotics was weighed and amounted to a total of 672 pounds (305.45kg) with a street value of $20 million,” the police report stated.

Investigations are ongoing.

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