Police Force preparing to deal with all challenges come 2022 – Top Cop


See below full message from the Commissioner of Police (ag.) Nigel Hoppie: 

The Guyana Police Force extends Season’s greetings to all citizens of this Dear land of ours.

This year, not unlike previous years, has produced some challenges for the Guyana Police Force; but the Force remained committed to its mandate and rose to these challenges admirably.

Effectively utilising all its resources, the Police Force has prevailed and once again withstood the many pressures cast upon it by the various issues that arose from time to time and has maintained a stable, safe and peaceful society.

At this time of joy and celebration, as an organisation, we have cause to celebrate. Our continuing intelligence-led proactive policing strategies, complemented by a high standard of investigative capability and effective patrol systems unto December 13, this year, have resulted in a decrease of 21% in serious crimes in comparison to the same period last year. Significantly, this is the highest degree of reduction in serious crime recorded for the past 10 years.

We have recorded reductions of 19.5% in murders and 33.6% in armed robberies.

In relation to traffic, unto December 18 we have recorded a 28% decrease in road fatalities when compared to the similar period last year, with speeding and driving under the influence continuing to be the contributory factors.

In this regard, I offer my sincerest gratitude to all who have contributed to the achievements of the Police Force during 2021. These include the Government, the Private Sector, our colleagues in law enforcement locally, regionally and internationally, law-abiding citizens and, more specifically, the many loyal, hard-working and committed members of the Police Force.

The year 2022 must see us not only maintaining these statistics, but working to reduce them even further and to consolidate on the gains of this year.

In anticipation of the usual Christmas-season shopping, the Guyana Police Force has heightened the presence of ranks strategically placed in the city and other Policing Divisions in order to minimise robberies and other crimes and traffic accidents during this hectic period.

I would like to give the assurance that citizens will be afforded a a safe Christmas period through the effective implementation of our specific Christmas Policing Plan.

Simultaneously, however, I would like to offer some advice intended on making the season safer in view of the likely presence of opportunistic criminals. Ensure that your homes and properties are properly secured, be your neighbour’s keeper and do not leave valuables unattended in your motor vehicles.

I am also urging motorists to use the roadways in accordance with the 5 Cs of safe driving – Care, Consideration, Caution, Common-sense and Courtesy. Do not drink and drive.

The emergence of the Covid 19 pandemic has given us new responsibilities as the Police Force, being the premier law enforcement agency, is now tasked with the enforcing of the concomitant health restrictions and protocols.

Covid 19 has also impacted on the vibrancy of our social crime prevention programme which targets crime in a holistic manner with greater emphasis on the youths of society through our Scouts and Youth Groups. Nevertheless, we are continuing our social interaction with various communities and community leaders; working towards the enhancement of public trust and confidence.

Individually, we have not avoided the impact of Covid 19 as a number of our ranks had contracted the virus. Thankfully, they have all recovered.

This year we have suffered severe damage to our building infrastructure through incidents of fire: – on a police quarters at Vigilance Police Station compound, the Brickdam Police Station and the building in our Headquarters area that houses the Police Office of Professional Responsibility and Barrack Room facilities.

The Brickdam fire, in particular, has posed a tremendous loss and present a significant challenge in the reconstruction of records and files in active and pending criminal matters, thereby presenting a significant impact on the criminal justice system. However, it has not seriously affected the delivery of quality service to the various communities.

The Force will continue to take condign action against errant ranks and to curb deviant behavior, since unprofessional conduct needs to be dealt with and must reduce. Towards this end, we encourage citizens to make complaints of unprofessional behavior of police ranks that they may have encountered to the Police Office of Professional Responsibility or the Office of the Police Complaints Authority.

We are also working assiduously to reduce the threats of Domestic Violence and Trafficking in Person that are crimes against the core of human values, owing to the dire effects on the victims and the accompanying social problems.

I am satisfied that, despite some unsavory incidents, we have successfully dealt with the challenges and experiences that faced us during this year, and have been making every effort to carry out our mandate.

The Police Force continues to do good work and as Commissioner of Police, I am using this opportunity to compliment all dedicated and committed members of the Force; the constant many who have placed their minds and shoulders to the wheel of law enforcement and assisted in keeping our country safe, and urge that you maintain the quality of your work with the highest level of professionalism, trust and integrity.

We are prepared to face the challenges that may confront us in 2022 and look forward to the New Year with optimism and enthusiasm; as we continue in our efforts to maintain the safety and security of our nation with the anticipated support of the Government and stakeholders.

I call on members of the Force to let us move forward with unity, loyalty, professionalism, commitment and dedication as we endeavor to continue providing a high quality of service to our nation which must be the hallmark of our performance.

I wish to extend Season’s Greetings to all Officers, Inspectors and Other Ranks of the Police Force and citizens of our country. May God richly bless and keep you, your families and friends and may you have a Peaceful and Safe Christmas and a Healthy and Productive New Year.

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