Behind the Vibes: “Welcome to Moco Moco”


The Welcome to Moco Moco song started with a boy from Durban Street, a Google search and a young lady posing on some stairs. Over 5 years later Rondell Glasgow’s Guava Productions gave cKush a beat to produce his love letter to Guyana. News Room Culture met with the young recording artist to hear how tying Lodge in GT, to Moco Moco in the Bush, projects his love for country and the opportunities to be found here to the world.

About ‘Behind the Vibes’: News Room Culture takes you on a musical journey to discover the stories behind your favourite Guyanese hits and have a ‘gyaff’ with some of our fiercely talented local recording artists.

Filmed by Richard Jagdeo and Yusuf Ali;
Edited by: Richard Jagdeo
Produced by Danielle Swain: [email protected]

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