COVID-19 pill approved for use in Guyana


Molnupiravir, a COVID-19 antiviral pill has now been approved for use in Guyana, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony revealed on Thursday.

The pill was developed by US-based Merck & Co Inc. and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and is expected to significantly aid patients with treatment and recovery.

“About a month ago we have had an application in Guyana for the use of Molnupiravir and the Food and Drug Administration here would have granted to that local importing agency the right to import and to use Molnupiravir,” Dr. Anthony said during his daily COVID-19 update.

The pill is to be taken in 800 mg every 12 hours for five days; it helps to fight the progression of the dreaded virus to more severe symptoms.

“However, there are some cautions when using this type of medication, especially for pregnant women or women generally or of child bearing age,” Dr. Anthony explained.

A pregnancy test would be required before a female can be prescribed the medication; if a woman is breastfeeding, she would also be required to stop breastfeeding for the duration of the treatment and five to four days after.

Persons with allergies are also urged not to use the pill.

Meanwhile, there are currently 420 active cases in Guyana, as cases continue to decline. There are 35 persons hospitalised across the country; 25 of them are at the Infectious Diseases Hospital with seven in the ICU.

To date, 84.4 per cent of the adult population received their first dose vaccine and 64.2 per cent received their second dose.

The vaccination campaign for children aged 12 to 17 is at 46.1 per cent for the first dose and 33.4 per cent for the second dose.

A total of 51, 547 booster doses have been administered thus far.

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