Unidentified pedestrian dies in Madewini accident


A so far unidentified man died after he reportedly ran into the path of a truck GAB (1668) early on Friday at Madewini, Sosedyke-Linden, Highway.

Police Headquarters reported that the truck was being driven by 28-year-old Orael Davis of McKenzie, Linden, Region Ten.

The driver is in police custody and according to the police report, no trace of alcohol was found on his breath.

The police reported that Davis was proceeding north along the western side of the road while the pedestrian was sitting on a tyre.

Davis alleged that the pedestrian suddenly ran across the road and into his path at around 05:30hrs.

“The driver of the motor lorry then applied brakes but because of the short distance, the left side front collided with the pedestrian,” the police report stated.

The man was picked up in an unconscious condition by the police and taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Center where he was pronounced dead.

The body was then escorted to Carmen’s Funeral Home awaiting identification and an autopsy.

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