Deadly Barnwell fire: Mother says abusive ex-boyfriend threatened to burn house, kill her


Tracy Flur, the mother of the three children who perished in an early morning fire at the farming community of Barnwell, aback Mocha on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD), alleged that her abusive ex-boyfriend threatened to burn the house down and kill her.

Based on information provided by Fire Chief (ag.) Gregory Wickham, the house was ablaze at about 01:25 hrs on Thursday morning. At that time, Flur, a security guard, was at work.

Three of her four children, aged eight, six and one were trapped inside the blaze. And a poor roadway prevented firefighters from responding sooner.

Hours after the blaze, an inconsolable Flur shared her belief that the fire may have been caused by her ex-boyfriend.

“He threaten me nuff time that he gon bun down the house but I din know he would bun down me house with the chirren dem inside,” a crying Flur said during an interview with Royston Drakes production.

Authorities attempting to recover the bodies of the three children who perished in the fire (Photo: News Room/ May 26, 2022)

Struggling to hold back tears, the woman recounted numerous instances where the ex-boyfriend would threaten to harm her – even threatening to kill her and bury her body somewhere she could not be found.

The abuse forced her to seek a protection order; Flur and the man were also slated to appear in court later this month over complaints she made.

Meanwhile, when the News Room visited the scene on Thursday, several members of the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Fire Service were conducting investigations.

The bodies of the three young children were also being meticulously removed from the site.

Police Commander Denise Griffith, in a telephone comment, told the News Room that the scene was thoroughly canvassed and that investigations into the matter were ongoing.

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