Carpenter bedridden after stabbed to knee 


A Port Mourant, Corentyne carpenter is now bedridden after he was stabbed to his left knee six weeks ago while at a wedding.

Seenarine Dhanai, a father of three, is hoping that justice will be served. Dhanai spent 26 days hospitalised and had to undergo two surgeries.

According to him, doctors said he must spend six months on bed rest and then undergo another six months of physical therapy. The man is pleading for assistance to help his family while he recovers.

He told the News Room that his brother got married on April 18 and he was serving food to guests when the suspect, who also attended the celebrations, asked him for six boxes of food.

After he delivered the food, Dhanai recalled that the suspect asked him to sit with him during which they got into an argument over alcohol.

Dhanai said the suspect, an overseas-based Guyanese, wanted rum to drink but only beer was available.

“Eventually, he picked up a beer bottle and he hit me on my forehead and the bottle break on my forehead and the piece he hold in he hand, he [stuck it] it inside my knee,” Dhanai recalled.

After he was injured, Dhanai said he fainted and woke up at the Port Mourant Hospital.

He was discharged after a few days but while at home for two days, Dhanai said his knee started to swell and so he went back to the Port Mourant Hospital. He was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he spent 26 days hospitalised. According to Dhanai, his knee cap was completely severed.

“They had to do a tender repair on the knee, doctor say me have to lie down for six months and wire and so deh in the knee.”

He is now unable to provide for his family.

“It is very hard for me and my family, one of my son writing CXC and the other one [is] in common entrance class, you know it is real tough,” Dhanai stated.

Added to this, Dhanai is fearful that justice may never be served. He claimed that the suspect left the country hours after injuring him.

“The same night my wife and my brother-in-law them beg the police and the police look for him and my wife pleaded with the police to stop him at immigration because everybody know he would [flee] the country.

“I am begging the President to see how this boy can come back here, I want justice,” Dhanai said.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact them on telephone number 653-3788.


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